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Grand Pavilion banquet hall provides services ranging from banquet, entertainment, security, audio, lighting and catering. Our clients will experience the special and best treatment they deserve, considering them in every choice we make while they trust us to handle events as clients host.
Our commitment to excellence and strong work ethic has allowed us to become a preferred venue for the northern California area.





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From our stand out interiors and formation, Grand Pavilion Banquet Hall possess customized architecture to fit your type of function. Distinct features in the hall provides amenities that aid in hosting events For example, a wedding reception with our hall has a special V.I.P suite that can be used as a powder room for the bride and her brides-maids. The couple can also use it as a private room before making a grand entry. It’s features allows it to accommodate events with special guests who require a room.

Furthermore, the wall designs and high ceiling beautifications are next to none. With our in-house staff you and your guests will experience a production of audio, lighting, service and overall ambiance that cannot be compared with the local market. Grand Pavilion Banquet Hall can conveniently accommodate up to 700 guests banquet style and up to 1200 conference or concert style.




Service overview




We are located at an ideal location, just right off Highway 99. This location was picked from people’s choice of event center due to local demands. The neighboring businesses are also vendors for banquet events, making your event planning centralized.
Our catering services are next to none, providing every best taste at your function, whether local or international meals. We also care for your drinks as we have a hygienic setup bar. Aside from the permanent catering manager, all our banquet hall employees are part-time and are readily available when you are planning an event with us. This idea has also helped us to provide a consistent level of service.

Our polite customer service has been designed to make your events successful. Customer service is one of the soles of the business that’s why we have taken our time to put our customers first in all we do to ensure success on both ends, by so doing, we put smiles on your faces.





Our management


Grand Pavilion Banquet Hall Management and Owners have been in existence for more than 2 decades with vast experience of handling events and catering service of different kinds, while not forgetting the basic assignment in mind, providing consistent service and amenities at each event.

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Indian Catering + Venue rental inclusive price

Indian catering and venue rental inclusive price begins at $50/person. Includes: Crockery, Silverware, Glassware, Service staff, gold Chiavari seats, 72″ round tables, VIP suite (bridal suite, newlyweds suite), 2 projectors and an enclosed patio with optional bar.
(Price is inclusive for events with 300+ guests, additional rental fee applies for events less than 300 guests);


Rental-5 hours $5,600 and 8 hours $7,800 . The two costs include gold Chiavari seats, 72″ round tables, table cloths, VIP suite (bridal suite, newlywed suite, special guest room), second-floor grand entry balcony, 2 projectors and an enclosed patio with optional bar