Our facilities

And Interior

Grand Pavilion Banquet Hall is a new banquet and event center venue that the owners of Pooja Indian Grill opened in 2018. It can accommodate events up to 1,000 guests with additional seating available in the patio.

Lots of attractions are packaged with the new Grand pavilion banquet hall, ranging from the projection of your event to a bigger view for all, beautiful lighting, in-house DJ and quality sound for your hearing and dancing pleasure. Our staffs have also been tested to be professionals in this niche assisting you with a number of banquet or event services.

Our VIP suite is also nice and accommodating you and other guests. Depending on what event you’re having, we’ve got you covered with privacy for your entry and exit route into the suite. All our lightings obey your theme into the ballroom when you make a grand entry from the stairs of the VIP suite.

We provide in-house sound and lighting, and additionally visuals like projectors. Our in-house RCF sound setup is an outstanding brand in the sound business. We have 20+ spot and bar lights that enable us to make scenes for various parts of the occasion keeping the guests intrigued and awed.

Grand pavilion Banquet Hall’s primary focus is to satisfy our clients and guests and to honor our friendly staffs. You’re indeed in a place of comfort.